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  • ... in the heart of Leiden ...
  • ... the real fresh pasta
    made with organic flour ...
  • ... only here you can find fresh foods 
    traditionally prepared ...

  • ... in the heart of Leiden ...

  • ... dough passed through a bronze mold ...
  • ... quality and flavors
    of true Italian cuisine...

Workshops and Expos

Please note: we plan our workshops irregular. Please check this site once in while or apply for our Newsletter.

Food for body and soul

Bocconi Pasta is not only a place to enjoy food and drinks: we also host a "permanent exhibition" open to all artists, designers, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers who want to exhibit their creations.

To exhibit please write to:

Current exhibition:


Agatha was born and raised in Leiden and discovered drawing and painting quite early.
Inspiration to her is never lacking.
They include inspiration from traveling, different (old) cultures and daily life.
She does painting and drawing with passion and pleasure.
She currently works with acrylic paint, sometimes with oilpaint or a combination of both.
Pencil, graphite, charcoal, Conte and India ink are also favorites of her to work with.
Also experimenting and combining different materials is a wonderful experience for her.
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