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  • ... in the heart of Leiden ...
  • ... the real fresh pasta
    made with organic flour ...
  • ... only here you can find fresh foods 
    traditionally prepared ...

  • ... in the heart of Leiden ...

  • ... dough passed through a bronze mold ...
  • ... quality and flavors
    of true Italian cuisine...


Some years ago I moved to this charming little town of Leiden. This place inspired me immediately to create a meeting place where people can find a sense of home and to share flavors and spirits.

Bocconi Pasta couldn't have been realized without a lot of hard work. The support, love, dedication, patience and care of many people made Bocconi possible. I would like to thank all of you

and also you, loyal guest !!

Marzia Spinelli

In September 2013 a colleague alerted me to a small Italian shop/ restaurant in Leiden. He was very enthousiastic about the pastas and the atmosphere in Bocconi Pasta Italiana.

I decided to visit the place and have coffee on the terrace. I saw people walking in and out with sandwiches, cheese and pasta. Curious, I went inside and fell in love with this lovely small restaurant. The atmosphere and the smell of fresh pasta and straightforward interior; it reminded me of Italy where I lived and worked for a number of years. Marzia Spinelli, the owner, and a very special woman, took me to the kitchen straight away. Here I met the talented cook Daniella. She was busy preparing the most delicious gnocchi I have ever eaten. Simply on her grandmother's wooden plank! Marzia spoke passionately about her Bocconi, and before I knew it we were talking about me coming to work for her. A week later, I started a new adventure and I wasn't be disappointed. After just two weeks, I called my best friend Slava and asked her to come back to the Netherlands to make Marzia an offer on Bocconi.

Three months later and many discussions further Slava and I acquired Bocconi.

Of course we promised Marzia to keep using the original recipes and to continue the relaxed atmosphere of her brainchild. And that is by no means a punishment for us ;-).

We hope that we will succeed in our efforts to make Bocconi an even greater success than it was.

Katarina en Slava

infos and curiosities

The logo

Our emblem consists of two hearts that unite, composing a kiss. The smiling lips suck a piece of spaghetti, the mouth sealed over the sides of the pasta. This gesture, so typical of Italian tradition, evokes pleasure and a longing for flavors and familiar sounds at the dinner table. Bocconi - Italian for a bite - invites you to try out these exquisite sensations, to fully enjoy the flavors of a simple pasta. Bocconi is also the name of a famous Italian university. Bocconi Pasta Italiana started in Leiden, right in the heart of this Dutch university city and created – so to speak - an ironic twin town. In this way Bocconi wants to contribute to, what we call, the 'Culture of Food', meant as a quest for and an offer of local exquisite Italian products.

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