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  • ... in the heart of Leiden ...
  • ... the real fresh pasta
    made with organic flour ...
  • ... only here you can find fresh foods 
    traditionally prepared ...

  • ... in the heart of Leiden ...

  • ... dough passed through a bronze mold ...
  • ... quality and flavors
    of true Italian cuisine...

Italian BAR

infos and curiosities

The coffeehouse and its history

The first true Italian coffee bar was in Venice ... one morning in 1570 the Venetians discovered for the first time the strong aroma of coffee. Alfina Prospero was a physician-botanist, who lived for many years in Egypt. There he discovered the drink, as he described as 'black and rich of flavour, similar to chicory'.

He was convinced that his fellow men would like it and he was right.
This is how in Venice the first "coffee shop" or better, the first 'bar' opened its doors. The very first was actually in Constantinople in 1554.
In Europe, a first one was opened in Marseille in 1659 and another one in Hamburg in 1679. In Venice, the coffee plant was initially known as a medicine, but soon it was also used to prepare the pleasant beverage: in1683 (but some anticipate this date to 1640 and even as early as 1615) in Piazza San Marco, under the arches of the Magistrates, was the first open "coffee shop".

Since then new shops sprang up everywhere in the city (in 1763, 218 were counted!), They became thé 'places-to-be', to meet up, to discuss business, for a chat.
The new custom soon swept across Italy: Turin, Genoa, Milan, Florence and Rome knew their coffee houses and became famous and important cultural centers, where writers, politicians and scholars of the time gathered and exchanged ideas. Even the French appreciated the new beverage a lot, it is commonly said that the famous writer Balzac came to drink fifty cups a day! In England, the first venue for serving coffee was opened in Oxford.

In short, by mid seventeenth century all of Europe and America was drinking coffee.

Espresso, Cappuccino and more...

The Italian BAR Bocconi offers all products in the traditional Italian caffetteria. You can find the best espresso in town and a good creamy cappuccino.

Every morning orange juice, sandwiches stuffed in the Italian tradition, and then homemade cakes and traditional sweets coming from our own oven.

illy Caffè

• Espresso
• Cappuccino
• Latte macchiato
   with or without caffeïne

Italian ice cream

• Francesco’s 

Italian cakes

• Pastiera Napolitana
• Caprese
In season: 
• Torta della Nonna
• Torta Limone
• Sacher
• Frutti di bosco
• and of course Tiramisù